International manager takes aim at Rangers with big dig

International manager takes aim at Rangers with big dig
Finland national team, Nationalteam Training Finland head coach Markku Kanerva gestures during a Finland national team training session ahead of their UEFA EURO, EM, Europameisterschaft,Fussball 2020 match against Belgium on June 20, 2021 at Stadium Spartak in Zelenogorsk, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Saint Petersburg Russia kireev-finlandn210620_npwti PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFRA Copyright: xMikexKireevx

Finland manager Markku Kanerva’s baiting assertion that Rangers are not a particularly big club was a deeply unnecessary comment for Glen Kamara’s international manager to come out with.

True, he didn’t explicitly say that, but he did imply Watford are bigger than Rangers by stating clearly that it would be nice if Kamara’s development continued at ‘bigger clubs’.

Now, there’s a little issue with the quote attributed to Kanerva:

“Hopefully he will continue his development, it would be nice to see him playing even at bigger clubs.”

The position of the word ‘even’ changes significantly the impact of this comment – as huge as Rangers are, there are bigger clubs out there. Not by a lot, of course, but yes, we’d be arrogant to think Man Utd and Real Madrid aren’t bigger.

But the word’s position before the ‘at’ rather than after, does completely alter the context – ‘it would be nice to see him play even at bigger clubs’ is a bit derogatory, but ‘it would be nice to see him play at even bigger clubs’, confirms Rangers are massive and it would be a great achievement for Kamara to get an even bigger one.

But with the interest being sourced to mainly Watford right now, that’s definitely an ugly assertion and a bit of a diss to his club.

Arsenal, of course, are interested, and yes, they probably are bigger, so we wouldn’t attack him for that one.

But it’s all in translation, in what may or may not have been lost in that translation – or what may have been badly put in English himself by his own word.

Either way, while the PL is a massive step up from the SPL, Watford as a club is a gigantic downgrade.

We’d hope Kanerva acknowledges that.

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