Group D, Rangers and Scotland part 1

Group D, Rangers and Scotland part 1
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Group D this summer in the European Championships is set to have such unreal intrigue on so many levels, and with the Rangers angle so heavy on many of them, Ibrox Noise will take you through the astonishing subplots this group has.

Just looking at the teams in it makes it filled with interest – Scotland and England, Croatia and of course the Czech Republic.

And in this entry, that for a starting point gives us the Auld Enemy facing off for the first time in many years.

Yes, Scotland v England for the first time in 4 years, a clash which is historically the biggest international rivalry there is – only Argentina Brazil and Germany England come close, but of course in those two there’s a parity of quality.

Scotland and England have always seen a rivalry of David v Goliath, and of course the nature of that parable – Goliath lost.

Yes, England have lost their fair share in this one, despite the massive size difference and this summer sees a surprisingly decent Scotland squad facing Southgate’s giants in the group stage.

Will any Rangers players start? Nathan Patterson has a strong case, and would be up against Luke Shaw and any number of England’s star wingers and attackers, so what a test that would be.

Jon McLaughlin is likely to be benched for the whole tournament, but we’ll see, and at the end of the day Scotland are underdogs.

Who do your Ibrox Noise team side with? We’re a Scottish site, and we’re a Scottish team, and while we have issue with our NT regime the past decade+, we’d find it very hard to side with England against our home nation.

Up to Clarke to get it right on the day.

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