Fascinating face-off as two Rangers go head to head

Fascinating face-off as two Rangers go head to head
One of these must start. One of them must not....

And in the final part of our group D analysis, it’s the very tasty prospect of Ranger v Ranger as Croatia face Scotland, and Borna Barisic v Nathan Patterson.

It’s not just two players on opposite sides, it’s the compelling notion of them playing directly against each other due to position – Patterson knows Barisic well and if selected, he’ll do everything he can to stop the LB, while Barisic is exactly the same with the youngster.

It’s the first time we can recall ever seeing two Rangers players not only going up against each other internationally, but literally due to position, and at a major championship no less.

Of course Clarke is more likely to play it safe and go with O’Donnell, just to be wet, but Patterson is clearly the better player and in truth Barisic would probably much rather face the weaker one in the Motherwell man.

But should our two stars face each other, it will be fascinating to see if Nathan Patterson can possibly get the better of one of the best LBs in Britain and easily the best in Scotland.

Can he? Can he?

Anything’s possible…

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