Euro 2020 policy switch exposes SNP Rangers bigotry

Euro 2020 policy switch exposes SNP Rangers bigotry
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As we alluded to in the last piece, there was a gathering at George Square last night, completely brushed away by all authorities for political reasons.

But there’s another piece of double-dealing we must highlight as well…

A number of weeks ago Rangers pleaded with the government to allow 10,000 fans in Ibrox for safe celebration of the title lift.

This request was denied.

But then only a month later, Sturgeon hurriedly downgraded Glasgow from level 3 to 2 in order that around 12,000 fans could attend both Hampden Scotland games.

Anyone seeing the slight flaw here?

Why was Rangers’ request, a request carried out in the name of safety of Rangers fans and the wider public, completely denied out of hand, but the same people rejecting that then ensured 24,000 fans could watch Scotland’s two Hampden group matches?

We cannot help feeling that rule for Rangers and another rule for the rest is intrinsically entrenched in society and the government with incidents like these.

For the record, we endorse the crowd in Hampden, and we were glad to see a hint of normality – but there was absolutely no reason a month or so ago it couldn’t have been done at Ibrox.

Well, I guess there was a reason – it was Rangers.

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  1. You are spot on the SNP and that rag tag and bobtail mob that follow.them in there kilts and hiking boots and behave in a ludicrous manner that they think is enjoyed by everybody but in my opinion it is embarrassing to the country. Last night substisutions were made by Croatia but who was roundly booed when he came on Borna Barisic and why because he plays for Rangers and they.despise Rangers as do the SNP. Also 12.5k allowed into Hampden fan zones at Glasgow green and George Sq yet when the season starts league clubs will be allowed only 2k fans. You couldn’t make this up. Personally I hope it is another 23 years before these jolly hipsters inflict their boorish behaviour on any other country. Meanwhile the media and government will continue to laughingly call them ambassadors for the country.

  2. I have been saying this for the last at least 5 years. This country is being totally green influenced and led by those who are Rangers Football Club and Rangers people haters it’s blatant and in our face . I know this is a football page for Rangers People and not politics but it’s frightening the way we are treated and the blind green leaning loyalty that will ruin this country. If you disagree with Sturgeon and her donkeys you are a bigot , a racist and anti Scottish it’s sickening and not true and could be the downfall of Scotland . I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that heard the boos when Borna Barasic took the field absolute disgrace , as they booed Ryan Jack . I agree with Donald MacKay I think these tartan areshole army soldiers are an embarrassing SNP shower and although I feel a little sympathy for good players like Robertson , McGinn in the squad however I don’t wish the SFA and NT well . I used to go to watch the NT in the 70s and early 80s when we had good players and wide respect. I am a True Blue through and through but I never booed or insulted Celtic players then when they wore the dark blue of Scotland . Rangers fans should boycott all Scotland games .

  3. Totally agree with you but let’s face a bit of reality here.
    Pressure from Uefa and the money that goes with it going ahead is what counted here.
    Perhaps if Rangers were to line peoples pockets they would have their request granted, there again we are talking about Rangers v SNP etc.

      • Aye Robrob57 it’s sickeningly true when they bladed us down to the 3rd division I was devastated but I actually didn’t mind putting some cash the way of Anna Athletic , Alloa etc. When I went to games .

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