“End of an era” as good friend of Rangers moves on

“End of an era” as good friend of Rangers moves on
He's gone but not forgotten....

It is hardly exactly Rangers news but Jim White’s exit from SSN yesterday was completely out of the blue and took the world by absolute shock.

A long-time friend of Rangers, hosting a tonne of functions including numerous POTY ceremonies, White’s career started, for the more vintage among us, with STV’s Scotsport and was made famous by that glorious ‘how come you’re so good’ question to Brian Laudrup.

Sky snapped him up not long after and Jim’s been a stalwart of SSN ever since, being their main presenter for 23 years and the face of Deadline Day.

Is he a Rangers fan? No one really knows definitively – he has certainly never been anything other than friendly about Rangers, but he’s also been fair with Celtic too, if anything being fairly neutral about the Old Firm. He said he was ‘perceived’ as a Rangers fan, but that’s hardly a confession.

He probably does veer towards Ibrox more, but as a pro in the media field he’s remained balanced and respected.

What for him now? He still has his Talksport gig which will carry on for many years, but White clearly had enough of Sky Sports – without getting political, there’s only so many political campaigns a man can withstand before it starts to take over the purpose of the job in the first place. Sadly Sky have rather distracted themselves from sport with a tonne of campaigns and regular preaching of them.

Whether that did have any bearing on his exit we couldn’t tell you, but it was time for him to call it a day.

We wish him best in his future endeavours.

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  1. I can’t say for certain Jim White is a blue nose but I do remember a picture of him in our dressing room after one of our title wins and he wasn’t there on media duties.

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