“Don’t ask us Howe” as Celtic meltdown continues

“Don’t ask us Howe” as Celtic meltdown continues
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It’s not often these days we mention Celtic never mind scribing an entire piece on them, but we’re going to indulge the mentalism from Parkhead with the latest comedy, the appointment of Stavros on a rolling contract.

There’s a very good reason his agent bigged him up for the move to Rangers some years and we gave it no countenance – the guy is described as the biggest secret in Oceania and yet apparently the mighty Japan caught onto it but no one else did.

Don’t ask us Howe, but it’s as if someone’s played a big joke on Celtic, and they still haven’t got it.

It’s patently a ‘try before you buy’ deal given it’s a one-year deal – a tonne of faith they’ve clearly got that the second choice to a failed Championship manager is the right guy to turn their fortunes around.

What fun it would have been had Roy Keane become the manager – oh the laughs that would give us, instead it’s some Australian Greek bloke Rangers spat out before the link grew any kind of legs.

Now, let’s be clear – the guy is a winner, and has won titles galore. But anyone can win A-League and J-League trophies, with all due respect, and in his entire career he has a 50% win record. Even for the clubs he’s won stuff with he never won more than 50% of the matches.

It’s hilarious to see this guy appointed over there, but, BUT:

We are not going to be so arrogant like Celtic were in the past to assume this appointment won’t work out and they’re a basket case.

Sure, we’ve vented out our dubiety in this piece on just what an absurd appointment this is, but hey, he could turn out to be Guardiola himself.

Unlike them, we won’t rest on our laurels – we will respect our green and white friends and ensure we crush them more next season by getting strong, better, bigger and quicker.

And Steven Gerrard will remain ahead of the game by always learning, signing better, tweaking and modifying.

So bring it on Mr One Year Stavros.

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  1. This is an amusing , no hilarious situation .Howe walking away having been told he had to keep hardup and hiccup (Kennedy and Strachan ) Lolo Also looking at the finances and mess Lenny left . Now they bring in Skippy Stavros . He may be a decent coach and we need to ensure we do not get complacent, however the rotten mob needs serious attention and we all know their single minded following have zero patience . Bring it On

  2. The only stavros i know is the one who starrred in KOJAK 💪😂😂😂😂😂😂,HOD ON WAS HE NO ON BGT THROWING PLATES WITH HIS SON FFS😜😂😂😂😂😂🙈🤡
    WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 56 in the bag then💪👏👏👏 howes that👀😂

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