Controversy at ex-Ranger with Parkhead link

Controversy at ex-Ranger with Parkhead link
MOUSCRON, BELGIUM - DECEMBER 01: Kevin Muscat, head coach of STVV, looks dejected during the Jupiler Pro League match day 11 between Royal Excel Mouscron and STVV on December 01, 2020 in Mouscron, Belgium. Photo by Vincent Van Doornick/Isosport Royal Excel Mouscron vs STVV PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxNED Copyright: VincentxVanxDoornick

Slightly off-topic, ish, although you’ll get a bit of that over the summer, so be warned, but nevertheless former Rangers man Kevin Muscat’s potential appointment at Parkhead as their Greek Australian manager’s assistant has got some tongues wagging, but truthfully the situation is blown out of proportion as usual.

Muscat wasn’t at Ibrox anything like long enough to have any sort of impact, so while he is once a Ranger always a Ranger, there’s a bit of leniency here.

Secondly, he was hardly any good, and his performances were not the product the hype at his arrival had them as.

And most importantly, the idea some Rangers fans might be miffed and ditto Celtic ones for that matter really is a bit pathetic.

Muscat would have given anything to be involved in the staff at Ibrox, but that was never happening because he just isn’t good enough or ready enough – and as the Greek guy’s right hand man, he was following him regardless – and of course said Greek was also linked to us when our standards were lower.

But the most important name to remember here is Kenny MacDowall.

Kenny was a youth coach at Parkhead for 10 years before Walter Smith took him to Ibrox in 2007 and while there were a few misgivings about where he came from, it wasn’t really that big a deal and he was part of an amazing management team for 4 years in Govan.

In short, Muscat can do what he wants, it’s his life and his career. Information is that he won’t be joining them, but who knows.

We can say, for one anyway, that we don’t have any issue with it – whether the fanbase at large does is another matter.

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