Celtic boss’s words are music to Rangers’ ears

Celtic boss’s words are music to Rangers’ ears
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Looking at the language new Celtic manager Stavros has been using is still astonishing, even after 6 months of the same general sentiment from Parkhead:

“It is a massive challenge, but as a manager you always get opportunities where there are massive challenges.”

He is of course talking about closing the gap to Rangers, and the chasm and gulf that exists between Ibrox and the trailing lot from Celtic Park.

But only one year ago, all of this language was in reverse.

It was Rangers miles behind champions Celtic, Rangers who had it all to do to stop Celtic winning yet another league title.

Sure, their ninth title was a total fraud and a vote, but it didn’t halt how far ahead they were anyway, even if it could have been overturned.

No, they were miles ahead, Rangers were flattering to deceive and Stevie was definitely under pressure.

A year on, the absolute diametric opposite and total sea-change happened where Rangers haven’t just matched Celtic, they absolutely destroyed them and the literal swap in positions where it’s Rangers dozens of actual points clear of Celtic over the course of one year remains one of the most glorious and joyful turnarounds in the history of sport, anywhere.

So hearing this Angie guy talking about the ‘massive challenge’ et al is still surreal – one year ago Celtic fans were signing about 10IAR, now they’re way way behind Rangers and have to completely restructure their whole club.

It’ll never get old, nor should it.

Can you see us now?

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  1. It’s true, the language was reversed a year ago. Just goes to show how quickly things can change, let’s not forget that. Complacency cost them so let’s just focus on us, focus on improving and prepare for a real challenge, that way we’ll be ready no matter what they look like when the season starts.

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