BBC hack tries to ‘erase’ smears at Rangers

BBC hack tries to ‘erase’ smears at Rangers
Nice try Tom, but we can see what you're doing....

Ibrox Noise had to giggle at Tom English’s latest BBC column, in which the Pacific Quay hack said the following:

“After so much muck, the beautiful game is, at last, beautiful again to Scotland.”

We’re quite sure the irony of this isn’t lost on anyone – Tom English, guilty for 10 years+ of spreading poison, nonsense, and yes, muck, about Rangers, himself is now decrying that culture, a culture he was not only part of but contributed towards.

All in favour of dismissing it to focus on Scotland.

Sorry Tom, you don’t get to just walk away from the bile you spouted for 10 years about Rangers, just because we’re champions and Scotland are in the Euros.

Journalists and grubby columnists in this country make their bucks by slandering and attacking big targets – Rangers being a huge source of such smears.

But they can’t just pretend it’s ‘all ok now’ as if their own contribution towards that scourge didn’t take place.

Sorry Tom, again – you created this muck, in major part – Scotland being at the Euros doesn’t erase that.

As much as you want it to.

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