Anti-Rangers MSP refuses to admit he got it wrong

Anti-Rangers MSP refuses to admit he got it wrong
A liar?

The James Dornan story is pretty ugly, and while we really don’t want to get into politics here on Ibrox Noise, in this case we have to.

James Dornan, MSP for Glasgow Cathcart, famously said of the forged video some weeks ago:

“If they’re false… Then of course, I’ll delete and apologise”

Having been proven false, James Dornan has backtracked on his word and confirmed he is a liar:

“As far as the apology goes, I’d thought about that and I thought, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong here’.”

So, apparently slandering Rangers and our fans based on unproven evidence is absolutely fine, and it’s above integrity to change one’s mind on honour once proven false.

We don’t care if Dornan is SNP, Tory, Labour or the Monster Raving Looney Party, what we care about is the honour of our club being dragged through the gutter in order for a politician to get on his high horse preaching morality to the faithful.

The fact is Dornan refuses now to accept he did something wrong and will not retract his comments, instead turning his own mistake on Rangers fans:

“I’ve got nothing to apologise for, it wasn’t me that was fighting with the police and it wasn’t me who was wrecking the streets of Glasgow.”

No one denies there was trouble, but that’s not what this apology is requested for – Mr Dornan has chosen to shift the goalposts from his smear of Rangers players, which is libellous, incidentally, to using some Rangers fans’ indiscretions as a justification for his own slander.

This, our valued and cherished readers, is why Ibrox Noise covers politics. Believe me, we don’t want to, but when we see our club being tarnished like this, by dishonourable politicians who wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face, the only pertinent action is to call it out.

Hypocrisy, lies and two-faced double dealing.

Standard practise in modern Scotland it seems. And yet, there’s a twist.

Dornan DID apologise for his slander of a bus company over alleged ‘anti-Catholic discrimination’, after he accused them of pandering against one particular group of people.

He came under pressure from his party’s transport convener and retracted and apologised.

Why? Because the transport boss can’t have MSPs slandering commercial public transport services for alleged bigotry, given these companies are a vital part of that convener’s job and lobbying from them for an apology looks very bad indeed.

So Dornan about turned and ceded.

But when held to task on Rangers by STV, he rejected an opportunity to apologise and doubled down on his stance instead.

Dornan has now protected his tweets and social media so no one can access aside carefully-vetted followers.

Any wonder we don’t trust politicians?

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  1. I am very much of the opinion that football and politics don’t mix. However, it’s been impossible to have the same feeling this past year. Youssef and Dornan among others, are flaming religious and nationalist bigotry and are a danger to society at large. The sooner they are held to task by our club the better.
    P.S Dornan has actually still yet to make a public apology to Lothian Buses as far as I’m aware too. Wee rat has wrote a letter but failed to acknowledge that he obviously has an issue with fact checking.

  2. Dornan is like most Bigots he only runs or sees one way. He’s a nasty individual who takes great pleasure in exalting his like and any green situation, but demeans and criticises anythin Rangers . He can GTF for me along with rest of the SNP, Labour mob . They take Scotland to the gutter at every turn.

  3. Just make sure you remind all Rangers fans of this little turd the next time an election comes around. I’m fairly sure it would very difficult for anyone to get elected without the support of some Rangers fans.

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