Alfredo Morelos faces these four men for a Colombia shirt

Alfredo Morelos faces these four men for a Colombia shirt
Colombia s forward Alfredo Morelos R celebrates with his teammate Roger Martinez L after scoring against Peru, during a friendly match played at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, USA, 15 November 2019. Colombia - Peru ACHTUNG: NUR REDAKTIONELLE NUTZUNG PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xGiorgioxVierax AME5579 20191116-637094813138340638

After Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos was included in Colombia’s Copa America squad, Ibrox Noise noticed a few outlets talking about his competition for a starting jersey.

Here’s where we take you through his rivals for the number 9 shirt:

Duván Zapata (Atalanta), Luis Fernando Muriel (Atalanta), Miguel Borja (Junior), Rafael Santos Borré (River Plate).

Zapata has 16 caps and 3 goals. He’s also the wrong side of 30.

Muriel has 38 caps and 8 goals, he’s also the wrong side of 30.

Borja has 10 caps and 3 goals and is 28.

And lastly we have Borre who has a pathetic 2 caps and no goals at 25.

What we’re saying is 24 year old Alfredo Morelos, with 6 official caps and just the one goal, has a serious chance to cement his place for the Coffee Men as much down to the rank rotten competition as much as anything else.

Star man Radamel Falcao, Morelos’ idol, doesn’t make it through injury, James Rodriguez’ reasons for not being there are controversial but unclear, and either way Morelos has a real belting chance of clinching a long-term berth for his country.

Let’s face it, he’s the best striker they have now, by a distance, and only Muriel looks like serious competition.

Sure, Morelos’ own international career has been iffy at best, but with a settled tournament and a bunch of chances to make a real impression, he can finally get it going.

And a good Copa America will raise his value too.

We will watch with interest how he does.

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