14 minutes aside Glen Kamara – disappointment for Gers

14 minutes aside Glen Kamara – disappointment for Gers
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We’ve touched on this already, but with both the Copa America and Euros now deep into their runs, we remain absolutely bewildered that aside a 7-minute cameo for Alfredo Morelos and the same for Nathan Patterson, that only Glen Kamara has managed anything more than 7 minutes for his country this summer is quite preposterous.

As we put it sarcastically, while the players on international duty may get extra time off for recovery, it’s only Glen Kamara who will actually need any.

Filip Helander, Borna Barisic, Nathan Patterson, Jon McLaughlin and Alfredo Morelos have either barely been used or been overlooked totally.

The predictable and frankly self-centred fan response to these rejections has been ‘oh good, he’ll be fresher for us’, nothing about giving a damn about the morale of the players whose dream of representing their country in a summer tournament turned to dust, which may well affect mood and form on their return.

Happy players are the best players, and players who got to wear their nations shirts would be the happiest of all.

And aside two barely-noticeable cameos from Morelos and Patterson, none of Rangers have had a single minute bar Kamara.

Helander is unlikely to feature for Sweden v Ukraine, with Chinese Super League star Danielson getting his place instead.

And that’s really disappointing for these players, it really is.

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    • Fair point stand corrected on that – so brief it was barely memorable. At least it adds a further 10 minutes on for our boys!

  1. I hate to sound like a droning noise but I still believe the whole Kamara Racism Sparta Praha thing has influenced at least the European Rangers players . Their parent countries not wishing to be seen to be supporting this unacceptable incident in case of backlash or fan or sponsor reaction . The historic racism that is totally apparent in places like Hungary , Croatia, Serbia Ukraine etc. is real. FIFA and UEFA talk the talk but do not walk the walk as they too fear the reaction . So apart from the Clarke reluctance on all Rangers players , the Joke Barasic Injury Lie, what are the reasons Rangers players were overlooked and ignored guys ??????? Morelos is a different story it appears he has suffered Scottish Football syndrome i.e our league is deemed (is really by the way) inferior

  2. Hopefully the ones who haven’t got minutes are just bursting to get back with us to play football. Gutter for each and everyone of them personally though, Euros is a massive chance in any players career.

  3. It’s simple for me. Barisic was mostly injured, Morelos had covid and probably wouldn’t have played much anyway. Patterson suffered from the sheer ignorance of a dinosaur manager who couldn’t trust youth and McLaughlin was very much 3rd choice and couldn’t have expected to play. The only one I think who could be truly disappointed would be Helander who seemed well established at the back and was dumped for someone playing in the backwaters of China (who is actually having a good tournament). Barisic might be disappointed depending on the seriousness of his injury.
    If we wanted to put players in the shop window to inflate their price then it’s not been a great few weeks. But if we want to keep them then hopefully no damage has been done.

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