“The final nail in the coffin” as Rangers destroy Celtic

“The final nail in the coffin” as Rangers destroy Celtic
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While Ibrox Noise’s Derek rightly pointed out that a completely deposed Celtic still ‘had their moments’ against Rangers on Sunday, nevertheless Rangers’ latest triumph against Parkhead’s worst was the final nail in the coffin for their shattered regime.

If ever a match summed up the gulf between both sides it was this one – as Derek says, yes, Celtic did make some real chances and could have nabbed a goal or two more than they did, but so could Rangers.

The real difference was the composure and the finishing.

From only 12 months ago and Celtic being hilariously awarded the league title by a vote, with their subsequent proclamations that their ‘tenth’ would be a borderline formality, no one, not even us faithful Rangers fans could have predicted the stunning turnaround in Scottish football.

Not even your chums at Ibrox Noise saw this coming – sure, by November yours truly knew the league was ours, but many of you, even a few on this site, didn’t want to believe; they feared.

But that’s understandable after 10 years of pain.

And now?

From Celtic being the monopoly in Scottish football only 12 months ago, they are now finished, wrecked, and while their club isn’t in the same terrifying disarray ours was 10 years ago, they are now feeling a similar football pain to what we’ve endured for so long.

But it’s the speed at which this seismic shift has happened which they’ll reel from for decades.

Make no mistake – the Old Firm triumph, with a polished home performance, was the punctuation for the most incredible turnaround in Scottish football history.

Rangers were nowhere 12 months ago, now we’ve completely taken this country over.

Steven Gerrard is of course a huge part of that, but he’s not the only one – the whole management team has been stunning, particularly Michael Beale who is the secret genius behind all this.

Plus the utterly brilliant Ross Wilson and James Bisgrove who have really done outstanding jobs to take Rangers from also-rans to a leading marketing brand and back to signing the kind of players we deserve.

All of this was summed up in a 90 minutes in which the Rangers showed why this city and country are ours again, and why Celtic are dead and buried.

And the match didn’t even MEAN anything to us….

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