SNP takes Rangers to Holyrood in hypocritical and bitter assault

SNP takes Rangers to Holyrood in hypocritical and bitter assault
Who's been a naughty boy then....?

In the latest anti-Rangers attack (bewilderingly absent following Celtic’s violent protests and their Dubai shambles or even the Aberdeen 8) Humza Yousaf had this to say in Parliament:

“It is important to engage with the clubs and to try to bring them forward with us rather than impose measures on them but ultimately, it is what we may have to do if clubs are not willing to confront the fact that among some fans there is a problem, then we make have to work as a Parliament to find a solution.”

Now, where was this kind of talk when his beloved Celtic’s fans were assaulting the police and their manager?

James Dornan’s outrageous hypocrisy went further:

“sick and tired of Rangers fans thinking they are above the law”

And yet said not a peep about the same Celtic disgrace in November. Or Dubai.

The comments this has led to in Parliament, none of which have ever referred to the Green Brigade’s pro IRA stuff or aforementioned fan misconduct definitely picks out Rangers and Rangers alone.

While our club is starting to root itself back into the summit of Scottish football, unfortunately the anti-Rangers aspect of politics in this country has entrenched itself in parliament over the past decade even further.

We don’t care if they’re SNP, Green, Labour, Tory – if they’re attacking our club they’re the enemy, and the current incumbents do exactly that.

This is not to say we don’t have issues; we do. But the fact is only our issues get highlighted at this level, in this country never anyone else’s.

Expect more of this hypocrisy in the coming weeks.

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  1. Know what would really put their noses out off joint, if rangers went to the English FA & pled their case in saying this is what we have to put up with we would like to enter your league structure & leave all that behind us. If it went ahead then we would probably be protected by Parliament. Just a thought. That lot can win as many leagues as they like their grandkids would grow up rangers supporters 😉

  2. Never realized who this cretin was as he wasn’t wearing his Selkirk hoodie. Neutral opinion my ass

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