Sir Alex admits he doesn’t care about Rangers

Sir Alex admits he doesn’t care about Rangers
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Ibrox Noise was rather astounded recently to learn that one of Govan’s most famous sons, Sir Alex Ferguson, actually doesn’t give a flying hoot about the club at all.

Ferguson, who we thought was one of our own, sort of, left Aberdeen’s seat of management to take up the Man Utd hotseat, and it’s clear that switch as well as other factors has led to his complete divorce from all things Rangers.

Indeed, a man we had huge respect for publicly dissed the club by admitting not only did he not care about Rangers results, but the only time he had any interest in us was when we faced Celtic, and even then, it was just to tease his son Jason who’s a big Celtic fan.

Furthermore, it’s not a moving-to-England-and-becoming-completely-Man Utd thing either, because he also revealed he remains very interested in the fortunes of the other Glasgow side he played for, Queen’s Park and keeps up to date weekly with them.

No, Sir Alex just doesn’t care any more about Rangers, and probably hasn’t for many many years.

The funny thing is he does remain close with Walter Smith (to the best of our knowledge) and has taken part in many tribute shows to our former manager with plenty of personal anecdotes, and of course had him as his assistant at Utd for a short period, not to mention signing Andy Goram as well.

So the revelation he doesn’t actually care about the club which launched his career and which is only a stone’s throw from where he was born is… frankly a bit disappointing.


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  1. Let’s be honest here we are all aware of the real reason. It goes back to alleged offensive/bigoted comments which Rangers made about his wife which he mentioned in his first book If that had not happened I think he would have managed Rangers . It is sad but won’t affect Rangers .

  2. Probably to do with the way Rangers reacted to Alex marrying a Catholic girl when he played for the club as I have read in the past.

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