Shock UEFA change could massively impact Rangers’ CL progress

Shock UEFA change could massively impact Rangers’ CL progress
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A stunning new UEFA rule could massively impact Rangers in July during the CL qualifiers should it pass in time for next season’s competition to begin.

Europe’s governing body have dramatically voted in favour of ditching the away goals rule, which is a seismic change for modern football with it being 56 years in force, and this could hugely alter tactical approach in football, in two-legged ties.

Rangers of course, hopefully, have two of these such fixtures this summer to get to the CL proper, and if this vote is enforced by the time the CL qualifiers begin, it will stunningly alter the value of goals scored on foreign shores.

Indeed, part of the glory of these qualifiers and KO two-legged matches is the ‘worth its weight in gold’ idea of scoring a goal on the away ground, a massive goal more valuable than those scored on home turf.

And that adds such a dynamic and such excitement to these ties that removing the rule has not gone down well with a tonne of football people in the game.

It basically changes everything.

Nothing quite like a governing body with its finger on the pulse hmmm?

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  1. I find this bizzar why on earth would they change the away goals rule… wouldn’t surprise me if its somehow to favour rich teams more… can’t wait for the season to start up again I really hope we can make it into th cl would make a huge difference to the bank account and would status of the club the players we can attract it will be a game changer…. watp mom th gers

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