RTV star gets big promotion into national job

RTV star gets big promotion into national job
Ok she's not in this one, but hey ho....

Long-term Rangers TV pundit Shelley Kerr’s brilliant performances on the club’s flagship channel have been recognised and the former Scotland manager has now gained a big promotion to become the FA’s chief coaching strategist in the Women’s ‘how we play’ department.

The 51 year old has impressed everyone with her knowledge and articulation on Rangers’ analysis match day show, and while we’re not sure if she has any leanings towards Rangers (probably, but not certain) her promotion to the big time at England’s FA shows cream always rises to the top.

The former Hibs and Spartans player might not strictly have a lot to do with Rangers, given aside RTV she’s never been involved at Ibrox in a professional capacity, but those performances of analysis, insight and general knowledge and her extensive grasp of Rangers and the tactics demonstrated just how good she is at what she does.

We don’t know if we’ll see her back on RTV any time soon, but while we’ll miss her sharp views on Rangers TV if she doesn’t return she’s definitely found her feet in such a good gig.

Best of luck to her.

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