Rangers POTY shock might upset some fans

Rangers POTY shock might upset some fans
Could give it to any of them....

When the Writers picked Connor Goldson, James Tavernier, Steven Davis and Allan McGregor as Rangers’ clean sweep of POTY candidates, the arguments raged about who should win.

A straw poll on the site had Davis as popular choice, with a lot of debating nevertheless about the morality of this.

However, a spanner was thrown in the works when the SPFA omitted Goldson completely and replaced him with the man we suggested had been very close to nomination in the first one, Ryan Kent.

Kent, for us, had a stellar season, borderline world class at times. A bit of a lull between November and January sure, but otherwise he was every inch our most dangerous player, and it was a small surprise to us to note his exclusion from the first award nominees.

However, what intrigues us most is fan reaction to his inclusion in the second at the expense of Goldson.

A lot of fans believe Goldson should win outright, but then plenty make a case for the other three as well, and therefore throwing Kent in there too really does set the cat among the pigeons.

The moral of the story?

Our piece on the 7 overlooked heroes for POTY highlighted strongly two things:

1: That Kent was very close to a nomination, and yet few fans appeared to object to his exclusion.

2: That Rangers had at least 11 genuine candidates for POTY, and the change between the two awards reflects an aspect of this.

A nominee list of Aribo, Kent, Kamara and Alfredo Morelos may well have a ‘where’s xxx’ response but few would argue with those four in general being honoured for their seasons.

And that’s the incredible strength of Rangers’ overall campaign.

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