Rangers owed big apology amidst SNP self preservation

Rangers owed big apology amidst SNP self preservation
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We all remember how it went down – Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf spouting his tweets about Rangers’ ‘guilt’ and how the club should fire all players involved in that video, while reinforcing how he himself, an Asian, had received ‘anti-Catholic racism’ online as well.

The Celtic fan then went on quite a few news shows, particularly BBC Reporting Scotland, to cement that view.

Only, then, randomly, he got changed from Justice Secretary to Health Secretary…

Just in time for the Police’s official report to conclude Rangers and their players were completely innocent and no criminality had taken place.

Call us crazy, but it looks to us like First Minister Nicola Sturgeon got a big whiff of the police report and decided to take her mate out of the firing line before the smoking gun was even revealed.

It’s canny politics – Yousaf is a big stormtrooper in the SNP and his position was starting to become untenable – Sturgeon removed him from it before he could do any more damage, but rather than start an Alex Salmond-esque stand off between herself and Yousaf, put him in a safe position where his politics would inflict less pain on her government.

Rangers were completely exonerated, and Yousaf, unsurprisingly, provided no apology for the bile he’d put out.

He’s now happily in a new position and while he remains a Celtic fan, his new gig can’t affect Rangers in any way.

Sturgeon saw a chance for damage control and took it.

As for Rangers – we certainly are owed an apology – the government’s own law-keeping force, the police, found no criminal activity, and Yousaf snaked quietly away.

It’s an apology we’ll never get, but Sturgeon sure knows self preservation…

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  1. I can’t understand why people vote for these complete idiots in the SNP. Each day they demonstrate the fact that they have a nipple in-between their ears.

    If you read this then why vote for them?

  2. Make no mistake folks this is only the tip of the green leaning disrespectful behaviour these twats will go to get after us and discredit us at every turn . Watch it happen they are Rangers Haters all of them.

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