Rangers or Celtic – which one was more ‘invincible’?

Rangers or Celtic – which one was more ‘invincible’?
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With Rangers potentially to reach 102 points this season, they will be 4 shy of Celtic’s Invincibles total, having drawn two extra matches.

Is it worth comparing which side is better?

Statistically, you’d think it was Celtic – they won both cups, and the league, scoring more goals. No one defeated them domestically the whole campaign and they can’t be surpassed or matched on that points total.

However, statistics can tell more than one story.

Rangers have conceded a pathetically miserly 13 goals this campaign, Celtic shipped a full 25 – almost double. Rangers also sewed up the league campaign a full month earlier than Celtic had, which in itself had been the earliest for close to 100 years.

But the biggest impact is less the stats, and more the grey areas between the lines.

Celtic in Europe that season were horrific, bombing out of the UCL with 0 wins, but they did have a brutal group, so make of that what you will.

Significantly, Rangers were outstanding in their UEL group, getting to the last 16 for the second season running and beating some very tough sides in there.

But the biggest grey area is not the numbers, or the European level – it’s the standard of the Glasgow rival in each case.

Rangers, in 2016/2017, were something below a joke – Pedro Caixinha and the Proces Unicorn debacle, which led to a horror season and a third-placed finish. In short, this Rangers offered no competition even to Aberdeen, never mind Celtic.

But Celtic in 20/21? Fresh off their 9th year of winning in a row, richest club in Scotland, strong squad, and expecting another title because they were just that strong.

Rangers ended up absolutely annihilating this Celtic to only four points shy of what their Invincibles had done with the weakest SPL with Rangers in it.

If we look at the hard numbers, it’s Celtic’s season that looks better – points win prizes and Rodgers got the treble.

But when you look deeper, Rangers’ achievements this season have been simply staggering, and eclipse pretty much any story in football history.

From the bottom of Scottish football to where we are now. Remarkable.

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  1. Keep having the same debate with a guy in my work. Fact is we have been beaten 3 times in all competitions all season, including an astonishing pre season with a wee trophy to boot. They lost 2 games in the CL qualifiers alone, one to a part-time team that had a policeman, fireman and a taxi driver in their starting 11, and faced the worst top division side Rangers have ever produced. All I know is 55 is killing them. Bring on Saturday!

  2. Who cares. We did what we had to do. Let’s just enjoy it.
    PS: The Ceptic “invincible season included their most humiliating European loss ever to Lincoln Red Imps of Gibraltar and their largest ever European defeat 7-0 to Barcelona. Invincibles my arse!

  3. Let them compare invincible seasons, my point is I don’t really care about their seasons. We could be invincible this season against a team we have absolutely destroyed on & off the park, apparently it would take 20 years & anywhere between 50 to 100 million to catch them. I read the celtic blog (cough cough) thhe headline grabbed my attention, it claimed we were lucky & Gerrard is “pish” even though they’ve spent about 30 million more than us over the last 5 or 6 seasons. The meltdown has been extreme lol masonic referees even came back to the fold this season hehe its going to bee a long road back for them.

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