Rangers ‘monitoring’ £8M man – next signing for Stevie?

Rangers ‘monitoring’ £8M man – next signing for Stevie?
8th May 2021 Madejski Stadium, Reading, Berkshire, England English Football League Championship Football, Reading versus Huddersfield Town Josh Laurent of Reading warming up PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12286384 JohnxPatrickxFletcher

With Rangers headed to the UCL and defending our title next season, work is certainly underway to bring in new players and prepare for the new challenges.

Which is why we can’t help wonder if players like Josh Laurent, linked today by the red tops, is another example of agents trying to use the Rangers name to get their player either a pay rise or a big move.

All of which, of course, gives our agent chums a big fat commission.

Lauren, 26, and a midfielder, is another one who has never played higher than England’s Championship, and while we don’t doubt he’s a decent player (they say he’s worth £8M), he’s one who strikes us as not being of the level needed and just a name in the press.

Of course, we could be (and probably are) wrong – and if Stevie is serious about bringing the Reading man to Ibrox we’ll absolutely defer to his judgement.

But there’s no denying Champions League-bound and title-winning Rangers can attract players of a higher calibre and standing in the game than Laurent, so while guys like he are certainly useful for the nitty-gritty squad stuff of a long hard season, equally he’s no better than what we have.

Of course, we’re being unfair – in an earlier entry we pointed out we could never have seen Dundee’s Glen Kamara ascending to the level he’s at now, so that’s why the scouts do their jobs to find guys like Kamara and possibly Laurent, and we idiots just stick to scribing about it.

Gerrard has earned a lot of trust and faith (well, slightly aside the cup tournaments!) so if he wants Laurent for real, we’re sure it’s a good call.

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