Rangers fans react with fury at new transfer story

Rangers fans react with fury at new transfer story
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Rangers fans have reacted in abject horror to the rumours linking Sheffield United’s Oli McBurnie with a move north.

Now, before we continue, these are some of the same fans who reacted in abject horror when Jesse Lingard was linked, citing him as a useless primadonna and overrated, who smeared Scott Wright as an unnecessary signing and not good enough and who were appalled when that ‘nothing’ from Dundee Glen Kamara was being monitored. They also thought Amiens’ Bongani Zungu would be a great signing.

Now, we’re no hypocrites, we too were a bit confused by Scott Wright as well and wanted to buy into Zungu also, but Stevie is the manager and his judgement is a hell of a lot better than ours and yours.

So if Stevie is seriously looking at McBurnie, we want to look at it in more detail.

Fans have resorted to the most ridiculous smears to suggest the worthlessness of a 24-year old striker with 75 appearances in the Premier League, and 30 goals in 60 outings in the Championship.

Which, to us smacks of emotional overreaction. He doesn’t have a foreign name, and indeed when we think about it, every single time a Scottish player is linked to Rangers they’re smeared by many fans.

Lewis Ferguson too is getting it in the neck despite two YPOTY awards/nominations and evident talent.

We also recall a certain Finland-based Colombian striker also got derided because his impressive goals tally was in a league lacking credibility…

We get it – Rangers’ standards are bloody high now, and we only want the best.

We already have the best in our manager, and he’s made the judgement call that Fashion Sakala and Nnambi Ofoborh are good enough for Rangers next season. Sakala’s CV isn’t spectacular, but he does have a nice foreign name so he must be good, according to supporters, we guess. Because, after all, his career stats are actually very similar to McBurnie prior to last season, and he’s the same age.

Even those who aren’t jumping on the Sakala bandwagon are giving him the benefit of the doubt and giving him a chance.

Fans who have already decided McBurnie isn’t good enough. Despite him playing at a far higher level than Sakala for a lot longer, and with many more caps for his nation.

We get it as well – we’re all allowed opinions, absolutely.

And it’s important we all express those and allow everyone to be heard.

But if Stevie actually wants McBurnie, a lot of fans are going to have to pipe down and trust the boss, because he knows a lot more about football than you and I.

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  1. I like the lad , Sheffield United thought he was ready to move up to EPL , unfortunately he did struggle perhaps how he was deployed or his support from other players. If we could get a decent deal then perhaps this could be the springboard to really begin his career with SG and his coaches guidance . We don’t have anything like him on our books , I fear Itten is not answer and he’s off I think … He’s defo Bluenose so that’s another bonus for McBurnies case he knows what we are all about . .

  2. I think he’ll be a great signing , everybody keep going on about why we don’t buy more Scottish players, well if the rumours are true then we’d be signing one who is playing at a better level than some of the players we’ve already signed
    And some of them Have turned out ok eh
    As you say some of our fans just dismiss players because they maybe don’t like the guy
    Ffs give the guy a chance me personally I trust the manager , ok a couple didn’t turn up , but think about it they didn’t get much game time because there is two or three players vying for the same position, so I say yes to the boy if it happens

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