Rangers exonerated and Yousaf could be in major hot water

Rangers exonerated and Yousaf could be in major hot water
Who's been a naughty boy then....?

We discussed a few days ago the massive implications of that video if it turned out to be fake, that someone had deliberately and systematically set about trying to get Rangers players criminally indicted and possibly even jailed based on a complete lie.

We also exposed Humsa Jousaf’s disgraceful comments in the wake of the fraud video’s circulation and how he had put himself in a diabolical situation along with this party.

Well today’s verdict backs that up, and amidst the club taking legal action this could be a REAL house of cards moment in Scotland.

Mr Yousaf was clear – he expected players sacked if this video was real – it was also evident from the anger and indignation in his comments that he merely included ‘if this video was real’ as a disclaimer and not as a real possibility.

And it’s turned out it was a complete fraud, a video designed to harm the liberty of Rangers players and do serious damage to our club.

Thanks to justice doing the right thing for once, the investigation from PC Plod yielded no criminal activity whatsoever, and Yousaf (as well as others) is in major trouble to say the least.

This is his Martin Bashir moment, only one day after… well… Martin Bashir’s moment, where a self-serving and politically motivated agenda ridden man has used something unsavoury and been exposed for the fraud that it was.

This is watershed. Rangers have taken on the SNP here and won – clearly beaten them and their ulterior motives.

They wanted our players sacked and sanctioned, well they get none of that, and now Rangers have the high horse and clout to take major and significant action against them.

We watch and wait.

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  1. The only cunt that should be sacked is HIM fkn fanny i hope our legal team sort him right out,

  2. This is watershed moment for us against the rest . Lies bullshit and total fabrication to damage us because we are the Champions not the rotten mob . Yousef must get taken to court he’s a wretch . WATP GSTQ

  3. 100% agree and would add that he’s a danger to society at large…most mouthpieces that love the sound of their own voice are. However, he said what he did in a way that will make it impossible to charge him which royally grinds my gears as everyone knows exactly what his motives were behind speaking out against us.

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