MSP announces he’s ‘sick’ of Rangers

MSP announces he’s ‘sick’ of Rangers
Rangers Fans Celebrate Their Club Winning The Scottish Premiership Rangers fans celebrate their club winning the Scottish Premiership for the first time in 10 years in George Square on May 15, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Fans were warned to say away with lockdown restrictions still in place limiting the amount of people allowed to gather, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Police Scotland have both released statements urging fans to stay away from the planned celebrations. Glasgow United Kingdom bootman-rangersf210515_npOUJ PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFRA Copyright: xEwanxBootmanx

Rangers are under renewed attack from all sides as the SNP and BBC teamed up to wage war over alleged Covid breaches, the trouble in George Square and an alleged naughty video.

James Dornan, Humza Yousaf and the Beeb, to name only three, have combined forces, headed by the predictable Chris McLaughlin, to find as much dirt on Rangers as possible and use it against us.

Let us be clear – we are in no way defending some of the antics which went on from some of our fans, which clearly did besmirch the club’s good name on Saturday.

But the Beeb’s McLaughlin was determined to mudsling as much as possible, bringing an enthusiastic Yousaf into proceedings while his cohort Dornan was in Parliament raising an urgent question about Rangers fans and how he’s ‘sick’ of them.

If ever the political gloves were off, it’s now.

If these issues are a serious matter, it’s for the police to investigate – instead, as the club has rightly said, we’ve been found guilty unanimously in trial by social media as well as broadcast media.

The Beeb are determined, or at least McLaughlin is, to resurrect his ‘glory’ days of 2012- by finding the dirt on Rangers and going public with what he thinks he has.

And he is finding a lot of support in the annals of Holyrood, which only helps his vendetta.

We repeat – we are not condoning anything that’s happened if clearly true and proven beyond doubt – but the politics and media are finding Rangers guilty and airing all the laundry they can find.

This is not newsworthy, it’s just a political football.

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