Miracle man McGregor wins POTY

Miracle man McGregor wins POTY
Well-deserved, both of them...

Allan McGregor becomes the first confirmed Rangers POTY after the SPFL named him with the award this season among his colleague nominations of Ryan Kent, Steven Davis and James Tavernier.

There are of course other bodies who will deliver their verdicts in due course, but McGregor becomes the first named winner of the honour and we can’t say we have any complaints.

His season up till December was good, if not remarkable, because it didn’t need to be. There were some very good saves in there, but Rangers’ form was staggering and the defence so tight not to mention Ryan Jack’s influence that McGregor wasn’t absolutely critical before this calendar year.

That all changed after Xmas and Ryan Jack’s injury not to mention Rangers’ traditional dip in form – it saw teams getting at our defence far more, and the reason they didn’t score more?

Allan McGregor.

In short, his form between late December to present has been mind-bogglingly good, and there’s no question it was the performance of a world class goalkeeper.

It is a bold statement, but his second half of the season could well be up there as the best half of a season ever produced by any Rangers goalie, and at least two of his saves actually matched or even exceeded his miracle stop in Bremen in 2008:

That absolutely ridiculous Old Firm save when he had no right to get to Leigh Griffiths’ superb curling effort, and the save of the season in Prague when he not only emulated Gordon Banks but exceeded him by catching the ball instead.

McGregor has produced miracles this season, and he absolutely earned this POTY award.

That he beat Steven Davis, James Tavernier and Ryan Kent shows just how good McGregor ended up being this season.

It was the best season of his career.

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