How does Chelsea’s CL glory help Rangers?

How does Chelsea’s CL glory help Rangers?
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As every man and his dog knows, Chelsea secured a well-deserved CL trophy with a superior performance against an out-of-sorts Man City.

But does Chelsea’s glory have impact on Rangers?

There is talk about Billy Gilmour in the press and online, with tonnes of conjecture about clauses and sell on this and bonuses that – no one actually knows, so we’re not going to give you clickbait by making uneducated guesses. Maybe we’ll get a little something out of his progress, maybe not, but it’s those who drafted the contracts who know better than us.

As for Rangers’ relationship with Chelsea, it’s never been as close as a lot of Rangers fans like to think – a lot of Bears call the two clubs the Blues Brothers but if there ever was a historical relationship and bond between the two, it’s not as evident today.

Look at the clear alliance we have with Hamburger and Linfield – these are blatant, but anything with Chelsea is certainly a lot more subtle.

Can we benefit? Well they obviously signed Gilmour from us, so they morally ‘owe us one’ – the Nathan Young-Coombes deal saw the forward coming in the opposite direction, but whether or not he’s staying beyond this summer is up in the air. And as yet he’s not making any inroads to the senior team.

But this is getting away from the point, in what way can Chelsea’s title help or benefit Rangers?

Well there is one small nugget – their fringe players may well find themselves further away now from the first team given senior management will use this triumph to try to enhance the squad for a serious assault on the PL next campaign, and that could mean some youth talent and fringe players may have to move on to get some playing time.

Whether that means the return of Gilmour we couldn’t tell you, but Rangers are now a very attractive team, with not only Stevie G at our helm but CL to offer new players plus being the champions.

This could well see us getting a few little pieces of help from Chelsea, and don’t be too shocked if one or two talented fringe players or kids show up at Ibrox in the next few months.

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