‘Full circle’ as Rangers hero returns to ‘The Hedge’…

‘Full circle’ as Rangers hero returns to ‘The Hedge’…
Barry's going up....

Barry Ferguson’s Kelty Hearts yesterday secured promotion in a poetic ‘full circle’ moment for Rangers as his side managed their entrance into the professional game at the scene of Rangers’ first-ever match at the bottom of it – Brechin and their hedge.

Ferguson, a favourite son of Rangers and a true hero of the club who only ever wanted what was best for the Famous, has done a stunning job to get the non-league side into the professional game for the first time in their history, while costing Brechin their 67-year stay in the top flights.

As we know, Fergie had a bit of a struggle at Clyde – it wasn’t really the right club or fit for him and he knew it, quitting to pastures new.

And the right place for him was Kelty, where a stunning 65% win-rate has secured his side passage into the ‘big time’ (well it is for them) of the senior game of Scotland.

A little sympathy for wee Brechin, who will always hold a place in our heart for being the scene of the beginning of our Journey, and we’d have liked them to hold their slot in League 2.

But it wasn’t to be, and Barry is now in the SPFL – let’s hope he and his side make the best of their chance.

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  1. Delighted to see Barry getting Kelty up, especially after their attempt was curtailed last year due to Covid. A born winner, it looks like he is beginning to instill that attitude at his own teams, much like our own gaffer, and could go on to become a very good manager. Will he have learned enough to feel like he could come in and take over by the time SG leaves for Liverpool? I’d like to hope so but like all things the club are doing, their will already be forward planning for that instance… whether Barry is part of that only time will tell.

  2. So pleased for Barry and for Kelty they have a great set up there . They are actually better run than most lower division senior teams. I shall follow their progress with interest. As far as Barry’s potential much as we all adore his legend status at Ibrox I’m not sure he could rise to ‘the’ job as Steve Gerrard has done. Any other team yes without a doubt.

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