Can newer bookmakers like Royal Panda rival the old favourites?

Can newer bookmakers like Royal Panda rival the old favourites?
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All Scottish football fans know that there are certain well-known clubs which dominate the game. Of course, Rangers is one with a proud history to look back on and hopefully a bright future now that recent comments about Steven Gerrard’s future have been made. There are other big names like Celtic, Aberdeen and Hibernian who remain big presences in the game too. This can sometimes lead to newer, less well-known clubs finding it hard to make their mark.

This is not a situation unique to football. As any Rangers fan who likes to bet on sport knows, there are some big names in this sector (like Betfair or William Hill) who get much of the attention. This can make it tough for new bookmakers like Royal Panda to rival these old favourites. That is not to say it is impossible though! If you read this review on, you will soon see what Royal Panda bring to the table and how they are trying to rival the main players in sports betting. The same can also be said of other new bookmakers, looking to make their presence felt.

But just how can these new kids on the block compete with the big boys?

Go the extra mile with customer support

Customer support is very important for any online bookmaker and an area which newer companies can focus on to stand out. If the newer bookmakers invest resources into hiring enough staff to offer lightning quick response times and also train their staff to give excellent support, it can really pay off. As Rangers Player of The Year for 2020/21 shows, having the best talent working for you does help.

Another good tactic newer bookmakers can use is simply offering cool customer service features which the old favourites may not. This could be giving support in more languages for example or having more ways to get hold of someone for customers. By focusing on this sort of thing, the newer sportsbooks like Royal Panda can catch people’s attention.

More markets and sports to bet on

Competing with the old favourites is really all about maximizing the areas you can control. The range of sports and markets to bet on certainly falls into this category. After all, it is up to sportsbooks which markets and sports they offer to customers! Royal Panda is a good example of this as they have a huge 19,000 betting options across 50 different sports.

This sort of choice means that people will be tempted to bet with them, if they cannot get the sport or market of their choice at more established sites. Having this range to gamble on helps them stand out from more established sites and is great for gaining media attention.

Better bonuses for bettors

Another area which sportsbooks have control of and which is crucial to success are bonuses. These can be Welcome Bonuses for new players and ongoing promotions for existing ones. Whether it is better odds on a Rangers game or a No Deposit bonus to bet on football, this type of thing is something people value. As a result, new sportsbooks like Royal Panda, can steal a march on the big names by offering better, more lucrative bonuses. This will help attract more customers and help them be seen as a top place to gamble.

Invest in a top-notch mobile app

There are many reasons for any business to invest in a mobile app and this is certainly true for newer betting sites. As the demand for mobile betting grows around the country, then any internet sportsbook should think about offering this to customers. For new sportsbooks, investing money into a top-class mobile app helps to keep up with the big names and also draw customers in. If they can then offer more in their app than the big names do, they suddenly have a way of using mobile betting to compete with them. Even if newer bookmakers like Royal Panda do not offer a mobile app yet, they are sure to invest in one moving ahead to get more competitive.

New names can compete with the big guns

There is no doubt that going up against big, well-established names as a newbie is always tough. It is like Alloa Athletic moving up the SPL next season and hoping to do well! That is not to say it cannot be done though. As the above shows, new entrants onto the betting scene can focus on some key areas to offer a better, more comprehensive service than their more famous rivals.


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