Blistering attack as SFA accuse Rangers of lying

Blistering attack as SFA accuse Rangers of lying
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Serial Rangers-hater Rod Petrie, who is president of the SFA, has launched a blistering attack on the club and in particular Stewart Robertson in accusing the MD and the board of lying about the SFA.

Petrie, a former Hibs chairman, used no small amount of ‘exuberance’ to demonstrate his case that Rangers lied about being confused over why our proposal and ideas over a Colt team wasn’t taken up and shared with other clubs, while Petrie alleges that it was agreed that nothing would be done till after the season.

By default, we already side with Robertson – Petrie’s historical bias, previous disgraceful conduct and outright lies in face of blatant evidence make his word anything but reliable, and unless he can prove his word clearly, sadly for him all he’s doing is slandering Rangers.

Indeed, Rangers could well have a strong case here to have him retract his accusation, with the president making major allegations against Rangers and our board.

But then, what else do you expect from a man who reckons assault is just ‘over exuberance’?

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