“Announcement on Friday” – are Rangers to sign Fernando Torres?

“Announcement on Friday” – are Rangers to sign Fernando Torres?
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Surely not, surely not, right?

How could Rangers sign Fernando Torres, right?

Well, we’re not going to give a big spiel about this and that, what we’re going to do is say Torres at 37 would be every inch as valid a signing as Jermain Defoe, with the similar bonus he too is a major ex-team mate of our manager.

The reality is this guy is an absolute baller, who would eat the SPL up for dinner. We don’t have to worry about wages, he’s not interested in that any more – he’s made his millions from football and he’s a wealthy man.

We’d be paying him a modest amount – but could his old team mate do the same as he did with Defoe and tempt Torres to Ibrox?

Champions League, title winners, in as healthy a position as we’ve been for well over a decade and of course the legendary Steven Gerrard as our manager.

Is this possible?

It’s as possible as Paul Gascoigne, it’s as possible as Joey Barton, it’s as possible as Basile Boli and it’s as possible as Jermain Defoe.

Torres, if fit and in any kind of form, would be a remarkable player in the SPL, and the Liverpool connection as well the fact he’d be joining one very healthily-placed club is a glorious bonus.

Torres is coming out of retirement and will announce on Friday where he’s going:

“I only understand life in one way: playing. Therefore, I have decided to return. This Friday I will communicate where.”

It probably isn’t Rangers, but it’s not impossible that it could be.

Time will tell….

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  1. Are you having a laugh ? He struggled to get 5 goals in 35 games lol is this a comedy story ?

    • Are you having a laugh? He struggled to get 4 goals in 34 appearances. Is this a comedy story? But no, we signed Defoe anyway…

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