UEFA hypocrisy exposed again as Kamara remains abused

UEFA hypocrisy exposed again as Kamara remains abused
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UEFA’s filthy hypocrisy stunk again today as chief hypocrite Aleksander Ceferin decided to leap on yet another anti-racism bandwagon in order to look good as he and UEFA ‘backed’ world football’s social media boycott this weekend.

Coming only weeks after their rampant failure to do much at all about Ondrej Kudela with a measly 10-match ban, the governing body of European football released this ridiculous statement:

“There have been abuses both on the pitch and on social media. This is unacceptable and needs to be stopped, with the help of the public and legislative authorities and the social media giants. Allowing a culture of hatred to grow with impunity is dangerous, very dangerous, not only for football, but for society as a whole. This is why we are supporting this initiative. It is time for football to take a stand and I have been impressed with the solidarity shown by the players, clubs and stakeholders. I urge everyone – players, clubs and national associations – to lodge formal complaints whenever players, coaches, referees or officials are victims of unacceptable tweets or messages. We’ve had enough of these cowards who hide behind their anonymity to spew out their noxious ideologies.”

To highlight the disgrace, brass neck and cowardice of this comment, which once again fashionably uses anti-racism as a tool for publicity while ultimately failing to do an actual thing about it reeks of the traditional two-faced nature UEFA have shown in recent years.

Many personalities in football have slammed the governing body for their nonsense, and even their condemnation of the ESL was largely ignored by those who matter.

UEFA – shameless, glib, and continuously hypocritical.

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