UEFA bungle again after finding Kudela guilty

UEFA bungle again after finding Kudela guilty
10 for one, 3 for the other. Bizarre....

UEFA have done the ‘right’ thing by slapping a 10-match ban on convicted racist Ondrej Kudela having found him guilty of what he was accused of, but equally suspended Glen Kamara for 3 matches after finding him guilty of assault.

The judgement handed down today confirmed the Czech is a racist, and will have further soured their sinking reputation as a club for standing by him, but Kamara’s 3-match ban is perplexing.

Having found Rangers’ man guilty, in the eyes of UEFA assault is a lesser crime than racism?

It’s just yet another bungling episode from Europe’s governing body, who couldn’t possibly just ban the racist for 10 matches and be done with it – they had to ban Kamara based on unfounded allegations for 3 games.

We really do not understand the minds at UEFA and the stuff they come up with.

If Kamara was guilty of assault, why only 3 matches? Why not the same as Kudela?

It’s a cop out, a way of just ‘booking everyone’ when you don’t really know WHAT to do.


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  1. This all seems a bit simple to me. Slavia said at the outset that Kamara had attacked Kudela in the tunnel after the match and that it was witnessed by a UEFA delegate. If it was then Kamara was always going to get done. If it wasn’t then there is absolutely no case to answer and Rangers should easily win any appeal. While you could argue that there was no real evidence that Kamara was racially abused there is some evidence that something actually happened. Without the delegate’s confirmation how could they possibly accept Slavia’s word as gospel when they have clearly lied from the start.

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