The real cost of 55 laid bare…

The real cost of 55 laid bare…
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The post-mortem from last night’s debacle continues, and while we will be honest about it and not lie to our readers, we want also to be a little optimistic and keep a sense of perspective here.

The one thing which stands out is just how ghastly rank the team has been since it beat St Mirren to win 55.

Ever since that match, and the understandable indulges of celebration that weekend, the players have been AWOL, with a real lack of strong team performances in there.

Let’s be clear, plenty of the players have individually shone – Filip Helander has been strong, Allan McGregor outstanding, Nathan Patterson impressive and Joe Aribo has continued to grow – but as a team collective, the spark and flair, not to mention guts and effort of pre-55 has been gone.

Our manager refuses to use winning the title as an excuse, and he’s right to do that – but we at Ibrox Noise warned that weekend of celebrations was not setting us up well to travel to Prague, and it was a pretty lifeless and limp display over there in the end.

Unfortunately, the hangover from those celebrations never lifted – only against Celtic did the players wake up and put a shift in.

But sadly, the flat displays have been a let down since securing the crown, and while they’re understandable, they’re still disappointing.

No fan wants to see Our Rangers with its foot off the gas, but it has, and it’s cost us the cup for good measure.

The optimism? The season is over, 55 is in the bag, and we will recharge this summer with new signings and get a solid refresh in.

This is a horrible hangover, and it was inevitable after 10 years of waiting for 55 that there would be a lifeless lull after the zenith of the win.

We’d take 55 over ‘continued good play’ any day.

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  1. The day after the night before and it has to be said it’s gutting to know there will be no double… that being said, stopping 9.5 and winning 55 was the main aim and it was achieved. This result shows a couple of things. Can we improve the squad, definitely. Is this team burnt out, absolutely. Is Gerrard the man to take us forward, no doubt. As ever at IN it’s your job to scrutinise the good, the bad and the ugly and call it as you see it. It’s pleasing to see while the result yesterday was abysmal you have taken an overall view of how things have panned out. We know we have good building blocks but this still isn’t the finished article. Let’s finish the season strong and build on the success next year.

  2. The players who brought us 55 this year will rightly go down in history for achieving possibly our best and most important title ever. But anyone who thought we had arrived is kidding themselves on. We still have much growing to do and that will hopefully see another key 3 or 4 key players arrive to strengthen the squad. In turn that may mean a few favourites leaving but this has to happen to circulate new blood and ambition through the club.

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