Tav drops tantalising hint which confirms fan ‘myth’…

Tav drops tantalising hint which confirms fan ‘myth’…
He's an attacker, Stevie....

Returning captain James Tavernier has dropped a huge hint about his own position and his desired position after he revealed he’s always wanted to be a striker.

The RB, whose insane form up till January had him with stats among the best in Europe, especially in his position, faces all-new competition from Nathan Patterson, but asked how both of them could play in the same team he admitted he’d actually like to play up top.

Tavernier admitted he’s been nagging Stevie to select him as striker for a long time, and while he had a light-hearted way of delivering this reveal, it was clearly deadly serious.

Tavernier simply does not play as a defender – he’s been RB his whole career, but mentally he’s an attacker, and scores more than enough goals and assists (in form) to justify that.

True, a lot of them are pens, but the lad is far more in the opposing half than Rangers’, and that says it all:

“I’ve always wanted to play up front. I keep on saying to the gaffer during shooting drills ‘I’ve always wanted to play up front.'”

And then he added that Patterson’s performances have been excellent, but if Stevie wants to select both of them, he’ll happily switch up front.

And the reality is, Tavernier is basically broadcasting to the whole world something we all knew about him, but he’s never had the chance to really say:

That he’s an attacker by nature, and while he can play as RB, if he had the choice, he’d be up front.

Wonder how Alfie feels about that, mind you…

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