Stevie pulls no punches after dismal display in Govan

Stevie pulls no punches after dismal display in Govan
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Steven Gerrard reckons this is up there with the worst feelings he’s had in football after Rangers’ shocked manager spoke following tonight’s horror loss to St Johnstone.

The manager, who once again finds his side struggling in domestic cup competition, admitted that a month ago he was the proudest man on earth, but now feels like the worst in an admittedly harsh piece of self-reflection.

Speaking after the stunner in Govan he said:

“Four weeks ago, I felt on top of the world, fantastic, proudest man in the world. Right now, I feel like the worst – that’s football.”

Indeed, football is a cruel mistress sometimes, but as Gerrard admits, 55 was truly an awe-inspiring moment in Rangers’ history and we all felt elation and pride beyond anything Scottish football has enjoyed in recent years.

But after yet another cup shambles, that feeling is just a little bit doused – of course, not entirely, we have 55 and that was the aim.

But as we suggested in our social media channels, just because we won 55 doesn’t make winning the cups suddenly less important.

Gerrard added:

“I am really disappointed and frustrated. It really stings right now and it should sting because we haven’t been good enough in cup competitions since I’ve come in the door. That’s the reality.”

We have to respect this because he says it like it is.

Did Gerrard make any errors? Well we’ll look more forensically at this one over the next day or so, but we can certainly agree this is up there with the worst moments under Gerrard, which is a sad shame after so recently securing 55.

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  1. English super league we canny beat st johnstone ffs joke brass neck,some cunts no pulling their weight here get a fkn grip

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