Slavia Praha must be dumped from the Europa League

Slavia Praha must be dumped from the Europa League
They must take action...

As the fallout from UEFA’s judgement on Ondrej Kudela, Glen Kamara and Kemar Roofe continues, Rangers fans have increasingly taken to our platform and social media in general to vent frustration at the governing body’s decision.

It’s regarded, for the Czech’s part, as simply not harsh enough, and Slavia Praha’s ‘continued’ (despite their official statement yesterday) support of the defender suggests they’ve learned absolutely nothing and will continue their defiance and tirade while they’re at it.

Which has led Rangers fans, and indeed many decent-minded fans to come to one final conclusion:

Slavia Praha must be kicked out of the UEL, ASAP.

It seems being found guilty isn’t enough, given the Czechs just continue to do what they’re doing anyway – and the punishment clearly wasn’t enough nor a big enough deterrent.

No, Arsenal travel to Prague tonight to face off in the second leg, and the best punishment for us would be Praha winning, then being dumped for the semifinals.

On a football level they’re a very canny team, very devious indeed, but they can sure play, and few of a Rangers persuasion would deny that.

Rangers were well beaten over the two legs and none of us have complaint about that, despite Praha fans claiming we’re just bitter about losing.

Well we are bitter – but only about this wanton act of racism – and if the only way to cut it out is to cut them out of the competition, so be it.

Praha’s continued belligerence is a stain on the game, their defiance distasteful at best – fines won’t work, and bans are only being given on a token level.

Axe them from the UEL and that would make them sit up.

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