Ridiculous fail from Doncaster will cost SPFL millions

Ridiculous fail from Doncaster will cost SPFL millions
What a clown....

If there is one place Rangers’ new-found influence in the Scottish game appears to be having no impact on, it’s the incompetence of the below-radar Neil Doncaster who, after two years, still has failed miserably to find sponsorship for the Scottish Premiership and somehow sits on his £500,000 a year job while doing nothing to earn that salary.

If there is one basic requirement for the SPFL CE it’s to find a sponsor willing to take on the Scottish game, but because of Celtic’s toxic previous hold over the league, aided and abetted by Doncaster himself, he was completely unable to secure any deal at all.

Ladbrokes dumped the league in mid-2020 and didn’t renew, and Doncaster knew this in autumn 2019 but did absolutely nothing to find a successor.

And yet, incredibly, despite having Steven Gerrard in the SPL as Rangers manager, still Doncaster fails to find anyone.

Let’s be clear – Steven Gerrard is box office, Rangers are box office again and yet somehow Doncaster conspires to lose the SPFL fortunes by failing to get a single commercial sponsor willing to associate themselves with our brand?

What we would argue is this spring/summer should be easier than ever – Rangers at the top of the tree, the toast of Europe after 55 and our UEL run, and of course Stevie G’s amazing global rep – as opposed to the garbage of the East End being on top for so long.

It’s a recipe to find someone at last.

But knowing Doncaster, he’ll still cock it up…

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  1. This diddy Doncaster must have some dodgy photos or info on some individuals as he seems untouchable. He’s useless, he’s spineless and fits the mould of all of our officials in all of our set ups SPFL SFA etc etc . No money in any shape or form , no plan for all commercial opportunities, no plan for changing and improving Scottish Football . Nothing will change until ALL changes . These guys all need to go.

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