Rangers with another win, but you wouldn’t know it

Rangers with another win, but you wouldn’t know it
We'll be back....(Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

It’s safe to say this was a wonder season from Rangers. Unbeaten all season bar the racists and St Mirren, the league has been untouchable.

Yesterday, Rangers weren’t at their best v Hibs – treating the match like a training ground exercise, it was slow, lethargic and Hibs had much the best of it particularly in the second half.

A number of players didn’t have their best days, but what struck us was the amount of slating at full time and slander at a number of our players for not having the best match ever despite being champions.

True, we always want our team to be at its best, of course – but with the league won, the importance of winning is not as high as it was. The importance of key players delivering not as high as it was.

But no, ‘loyal fans’ (quite a few of them) were at full time smearing, among others, Allan McGregor, Connor Goldson, Borna Barisic, Joe Aribo and Kemar Roofe, with all sorts of slurs and criticism.

Trust us, we saw it, not just on our own platform but others – fans who are starting to sound a bit arrogant and expecting PSG from our every player every single match, and if a single player has an off-day they don’t get support – they get maligned.

It’s frankly a portion of our support we could do without.

So what if Rangers had a slightly iffy display yesterday? We still won, and we even learned a little bit about ourselves as well.

We’re completely fed up with this new breed of supporter, a minority, true, that enjoys criticising even when we win.

That doesn’t accept that we’ve won the title so wins aren’t as critical as they were, and smear players where they can for any dip below perfection.

Handwringers? Maybe.

If you can’t support the team when we’re winning, what on earth kind of fan are you?

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  1. It was a decent performance witha WC goal. Yes agree it was lethargic and lacked real tempo at times. That given we won we are the best in Scotland by a country mile ( referencing that clown Kennedy’s quote about that lot being the best lololo it’s hilarious) The cup will be our focus now with the unbeaten record. Onwards 56.

  2. Isn’t it great though that we can hear folk whining again about winning rather than getting beat of Accies? Yesterday wasn’t the greatest performance but again it was a job well done as realistically 3 points is all that matters. Shame we conceeded due to the goals against and clean sheets targets for the season but Hibs are the 3rd best side in Scotland and always raise their game against us. Still, let’s go for more!

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