Rangers invited to the British Premier League?

Rangers invited to the British Premier League?
Mason Greenwood of Man Utd & Callum Hudson-Odoi of Chelsea during the Premier League behind closed doors match between Chelsea and Manchester United, ManU at Stamford Bridge, London, England on 28 February 2021. Could this be Rangers one day soon? PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK Copyright: xAndyxRowlandx PMI-3986-0010

After our views on the now-abandoned ESL got a few backs up, as the fallout has continued it’s led to renewed talks about Rangers (and Celtic) joining England.

It’s being packaged differently now – instead of Rangers being accepted into the English football tier system, and making our way up to the PL, or indeed just jumping straight in there, it’s being marketed now as a ‘British Premier League’.

No word on any NI sides or other Welsh sides being invited to the party, just the Old Firm.

The idea has resurfaced thanks to the s*n newspaper, and while we wouldn’t use it to wipe our backsides, it has, whether we like it or not, the biggest influence of any printed journal in this country.

The s*n has basically decided our Prime Minister on a few occasions.

And with it plugging a BPL, as well as the talks that have definitely happened over the potential venture, it’s actually closer now than it’s ever been.

The reality is that while the ESL was a failed endeavour, it highlighted so many things that are wrong with the current system – the PL and UEFA having too much power and systemic changes needing to be made.

Regulars will have seen our biggest endorsement of the ESL was not the competition itself, but the fact it was a protest against the horrendous way the game is being run, particularly by those in power in Nyon.

And a BPL, while that doesn’t solve everything, it would certainly be a start, and finally give Rangers the chance to realise the club’s full potential.

This is what we alluded to earlier – Ryan Kent would love to one day play in the PL, like many of our players, but it could come sooner than we realised, and he could do it in our colours.

Many Rangers fans regret deeply that-then CEO Charles Green didn’t go further back in the day with his threats about moving to England, about taking Rangers into the EFL system.

Today the club remains hamstrung, and probably operating at a 10th of the potential it really has. Always will in the SPL.

But of course there are those fans who want to stay in Scotland.

And they must be listened to. Any move to England/a BPL would be with the backing of fans, and while it wasn’t unprecedented (fans have never been consulted on major reconstruction throughout history), times have changed and supporters hold their clubs way more to account and expect to be kept in the loop with any major change.

But if the fans did back a move south?

It would be quite a change.

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  1. Why not,at least might see some proper football and not a bunch of hackers with 11 men behind the baw diddy league
    LETS GO!

  2. Get out of the parochial biscuit tin anti Rangers Scottish league.Bite the hand off it. ASAP.

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