Rangers fans react with fury to Euro Super League…

Rangers fans react with fury to Euro Super League…
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As Rangers fans (and football in general) are now aware, English clubs have announced, sort of, their intention to participate in an all-new European Super League.

We posted a straw poll to assess your opinions, and were surprised at the disgust over it.

Indeed, we were especially amused to hear one fan complaining it would ruin football.

This is the football already ruined by greed and elitism, by out-of-control wages and players with better haircuts than assists?

The reality is this Super League is a threat to the money of England and the money of UEFA – of course they’ll oppose it, because they’re both the greediest football associations in the world, aside FIFA.

We asked you if you wanted Rangers in it, and the question was spat at with hate, a resounding no.

On what planet are we on that if Rangers were invited to a $5B dollar table funded by JP Morgan and accompanied by Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal not to mention Barca and Juve, the fans would reject this and prefer St Mirren?!

If ever we heard a short-sighted and emotional knee-jerk reaction this might be it.

Honestly? Football needs a shake up – the CL is elitist, and sterile, and has caused a rift in football where the PSGs, Bayerns, Barcas and Man Citys are simply on a different planet even to the Dortmunds and Milans of this world. Rangers aren’t even close to this.

That a new power has emerged in football and it’s all about money.

We’re not saying the new Euro League is all about football, no, but it is a rival to the CL and the PL, and crucially, a threat, and frankly the whole scene needs refreshing.

Would Rangers like to be part of a market worth billions that WILL attract the best players to Ibrox?

Nah, we’d rather face Motherwell and field Bongani Zungu.

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  1. Stop chatting shit I would rather play motherwell because guess what I want to win league titles and Scottish cups. If you are interested in the best players then you don’t care about the club and only care about the best players. I would rather play in our league and a champions league on merit than this crap. And the super league doesn’t benefit us at all because guess what these Premier league top 6 can’t even get relegated and we would be battered every week why play in a shit league where there is no relegation or promotion. Also if this super league happens guess what we will not be playing at ibrox anymore because this esl will have the club travel to dumps like Saudi Arabia etc

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