Prolific striker thriving – have Rangers missed out?

Prolific striker thriving – have Rangers missed out?
Head coach of Glasgow Steven Gerrard reacts during the European Football League eighth finals opening match SK Slavia Praha vs Glasgow Rangers in Prague, Czech Republic, March 11, 2021. CTKxPhoto/OndrejxDeml CTKPhotoP202103111003101 PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxCZExSVK _DML8244

The continuing Umar Sadiq story never fails to make us giggle. Now ‘worth’ around €80M, the Nigerian striker is on the verge of a move to Bavarian giants Munchen, and Rangers fans for the majority just can’t help mocking the latest.

Sorry guys, and sorry Stevie – if we’re to be generous we’d say this is one that got misjudged by all. Well aside your friends on Ibrox Noise!

Look, his record aside Rangers speaks for itself:

Breda – 5 in 12 in Eredivisie season before he joined Rangers.

Roma – 2 in 6

Belgrade – 23 in 52

Almeria – 17 in 32


4 goals and 2 assists in 6 in the Europa League with Partizan.

He’s only ever delivered in any serious league/competition he’s competed in – except the SPL.

The slurs Rangers fans put on the guy were because he looks awkward – and Stevie didn’t like him. It’s simple as that. We can’t complain one bit about the outcome because we have 55 and we’re amazing now, but let’s not pretend Umar Sadiq isn’t a player.

He didn’t fit in at Ibrox and fans didn’t give him a chance, but his career everywhere else has been stellar.

Is he worth €80M? Probably a bit OTT. He’s very good but not that good, but that is the protection Spanish clubs put on their best assets. If Bayern do want him, they will have to bid a serious amount for him.

We do wish the kid the best, it was destined not to work out for him at Ibrox, and both parties are pretty happy these days.

But when will Rangers fans finally admit the kid is a player?

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