Praha hit out at Rangers with new racism slur

Praha hit out at Rangers with new racism slur
No apology will ever come....

Slava Praha are once again demonstrating their astounding lack of integrity today after president Jaroslav Tvrdík backed racist Ondřej Kúdela and introduced further racism to ‘prove his point’.

The club, who officially condemned Kúdela in a public statement, have seen their reputation destroyed following this appalling saga, and after that stance, Tvrdík has now changed tack yet again by claiming Kúdela is going through what black people used to in a modern form of ‘lynching’.

That’s right, the classic and abhorrent behaviour of hanging/murdering a black person (usually) falsely accused of a crime in USA is now what Kúdela is being compared with, thanks to his president’s claims of what he’s receiving online.

Now, let us be clear – we do not defend the abuse the Czech international is taking – online abuse is disgusting and dangerous, and very very serious. Just as Czech fans have been abusing and all Rangers’ black players, and we are appalled by it, we don’t condone the defender taking the nonsense online that he has.

However, Kúdela’s own conduct and club backing before they threw him to the bus then backed him again leaves a deeply sour taste in the mouth, and for the president to now say he’s being lynched is pretty much on a par with Cristiano Ronaldo’s absolutely ridiculous statement of comparing being a footballer to slavery.

Praha are honestly a shambolic club, and run by racists – if they were morally upstanding they’d sack the guy.

But they’re not.

This saga could go on for a very long time.

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