Pathetic attack on Nathan Patterson by rival boss

Pathetic attack on Nathan Patterson by rival boss
Hibernian v Motherwell Scottish Premiership 27/02/2021. Motherwell FC manager Graham Alexander arrives before the SPFL Premiership match between Hibernian FC and Motherwell FC at Easter Road, Edinburgh, Scotland on 27 February 2021. Editorial use only PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK , Copyright: xMalcolmxMackenziex PSI-11991-0007

Motherwell manager Graham Alexander has taken the chance to dig at Nathan Patterson in light of his own charge at Fir Park, Stephen O’Donnell.

The Motherwell RB, currently the main contender for Scotland’s RB slot in the Euros this summer, finds his place challenged by Rangers’ up-and-coming star, with the 28-year old under pressure now.

But Alexander has extoled his virtues and explained he’s a ‘much better fit’ for Scotland:

“Just being at a top club does not make you the best player in that position. Patterson has been playing in the best team in Scotland by far, they haven’t been beaten domestically and have the majority of possession, while Stephen O’Donnell plays for a team that doesn’t do that and has to defend a lot and compete. I would suggest that’s the way Scotland are going to have to play in this tournament – they are not going to be the top team with the most possession and always attacking.”

While on the surface Alexander’s not a million miles wrong about Scotland and Motherwell’s style matching more, it’s a complete, total, and comically irrelevant comment.

Since when do you pick the players whose club teams match the NT the best?!

Based on that, we’ll just field the whole Hamilton XI because they’d be defending all the time!

Motherwell aren’t even a top 6 team for heaven’s sake.

If ever we saw a manager blindly defending his player to the needless detriment of another, it’s Alexander attacking Patterson for the sake of making O’Donnell out to be better.

This is a Stephen O’Donnell, btw, who only has 17 caps, whose highest level of football is the SPL, and at all this low level football only has 30 assists and 30 goals in almost 400 career outings!

As opposed to Patterson who at 19 has already played an Old Firm, scored two world class goals and has done it in the Europa League.

Yeah, let’s definitely go with O’Donnell…

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  1. Patterson is pretty solid at the back and you could argue a better defender than tav hess definitely more a natural defender, & pretty good attacker aswell. Maybe if motherwell had his ilk at rb they wouldn’t feel the need to defend as much 🤣

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