Ondrej Kudela’s second middle finger to Glen Kamara

Ondrej Kudela’s second middle finger to Glen Kamara
The cheek of it........

Ondrej Kudela’s brass neckery on Tuesday evening was one of the most brazen acts yet, but he was supported in doing it by a country which 100% condones his behaviour.

Indeed, the Czech Republic has barely denied his racism, all they’ve done is to ‘stand with him’, gloriously stealing Steven Gerrard’s post-Slavia interview in which he stood by Glen Kamara.

Furthermore, the country, having revealed Kudela wouldn’t be coming to Wales, has outright supported his actions by not only reversing that call, but selecting him for the match.

Put simply, he has been rewarded for his actions by his nation, who stand shoulder to shoulder with what he has done, and this has brought shame upon a country who previously looked like one of Europe’s more cultured nations.

Sure, we always knew the Eastern Bloc has issues with racism, but the Czech Rep was known as being a beautiful country, particularly Prague.

Not any more.

All the country is now known for his racism, and defending a known racist.

The 34 year old only earned his first cap two years ago aged 32, and has been in and out ever since.

But it’s his selection for this one which raised the most eyebrows – by selecting him, the country made a mockery of racism and the fight against it. And his pointing to that ‘respect’ logo?


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