New Stevie shocker as manager gets it WAY wrong

New Stevie shocker as manager gets it WAY wrong
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Steven Gerrard has been quite simply absolutely brutalising himself since last night.

His self-harm of harsh self-reflection since Rangers’ exit has been sad and sore to watch, and while he’s honest to call it as it is, he’s also going a bit far in how he’s expressing his disappointment.

He’s calling himself ‘the worst’, he’s saying Rangers’ domestic record ‘isn’t good enough’ for a Rangers manager and then says that saying the title celebrations had anything to do with the slump of the last month is a ‘cop out’.

Let us be clear, Rangers fans – Steven Gerrard, four weeks ago, was a God.

Today he still is.

Nothing changes what he’s done in the league this season, or his extraordinary run two seasons in a row in the UEL against some of Europe’s finest teams.

He’s the main proponent of that.

We’ve been the first to criticise his admittedly terrible cup record, but we feel the man is going too far suggesting his time in Govan has been a failure by suggesting one trophy of 9 isn’t good enough.

In the grand scheme of things, one of 9 probably isn’t enough for a typical Rangers manager. But we’ve only had ‘Our Rangers’ for one season of the past 10, and securing 55 was what mattered the most.

Not stopping 9.5IAR, but winning OUR 55th title.

We did that.

We don’t for one second deny our cup record is a disgrace. It is, no beating around the bush – we’ve been a horror in the cups for a decade now.

But Gerrard’s regime only really got going this season, and the man is being way too harsh on himself to suggest he’s now suddenly a failure.

Any true Rangers fan knows these things take time.

Sir Alex took SEVEN seasons at Utd to win ANY trophy, and then went onto dominate English football till his retiremement.

We’re not saying Stevie is Sir Alex yet, but to call himself a failure and not good enough is just too far.

And we’re sure you all will agree with us.

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  1. SG was at fault for some bad decisions last night I agree and for any performance his is the end responsibility however the conceding of the St Johnstone goal was the whole teams responsibility they should have known they would have thrown everything at it ffs . So yes SG has the bottom line responsibility but the team did another St Mirren and blew it .

  2. I wish the players would take it as bad as the manager. That’s what’s missing. We need 11 players with the attitude of Stevie Gerrard. It has to hurt!!!

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