Neil Lennon and the video that went viral

Neil Lennon and the video that went viral
A troubled man....

The Neil Lennon video won’t have escaped the attention of many by now – we were alerted to this some time ago but now it’s appeared mainstream we want to raise awareness of it.

On a football level we cannot stand Lennon – he’s hardly a friend of Rangers and he’s been ‘one of them’ his entire life.

However, anyone watching that video cannot fail to have had a touch of discomfort on a human level at seeing the man in a complete state of disarray, just like our Gazza was many times in many videos over the years.

Lennon has been rumoured as having a drink problem for some time, and this video may well have pushed the extent of it to the forefront – true, if this was just a silly wee rare drinking session and he had one too many, it’s not so bad.

But it more likely points to a long-standing booze issue and we know only too well what a scourge on society and mental health an alcohol addiction is.

We’ve never been scared to raise issues of mental health on this site – yours truly has PTSD and no shame in that whatsoever – people with mental health problems need support, not maligned.

That the press and Celtic fans slaughtered Gazza for his various issues is something we rise above – two wrongs don’t make a right, and we hope that Lennon, like all who suffer with alcoholism and other disorders, gets the support he needs to recover.

We have no pleasure in ‘laughing’ at a man in distress.

It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

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  1. Well said IN. Im one of his biggest haters on a football level but that goes into the back ground when it comes to a human level. Any man that thinks its funny to laugh at someone in distress is no man in my opinion. The man needs help not abuse which will happen to all of us in one way or another. I suffer from mental health problems and have no problem talkin about it if i can help atleast one other person get thro what iv been thro then iv done a gd thing. So i say to my fellow bears gives this man support in his time of need as one day that could be you that needs it.

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