How Steven Gerrard was completely ignored by the SPFL

How Steven Gerrard was completely ignored by the SPFL
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 07: Neil Doncaster takes part in Leaders U-40 Advisory Day at Stamford Bridge on July 7, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

Earlier on I rambled about Neil Doncaster, and how farcically he’s failed to secure sponsorship for the SPL.

Indeed, our Premiership has languished without a commercial partner for almost a year, meaning as CE Doncaster’s top flight has lacked sponsorship for almost 4 of his 11 years reign.

However, something happened in 2018 which changed the landscape in Scotland, and indeed world football.

Or should have.

Rangers appointed one of the biggest names in the game as their manager – the global icon that is Steven Gerrard.

The SPFL suddenly had one of the biggest football brands in its midst, not to mention the brand that is Rangers, and yes, Celtic.

What did Doncaster do with this exceptional marketing opportunity since 2018?

Literally nothing.

The name of Gerrard has not been milked, the game has not been grown, the broadcasters in fact has reduced after one of them defaulted payments and overall, somehow, Neil Doncaster’s SPFL has managed to shrink with no use of Stevie’s name, no use of the Old Firm, and of course zero sponsorship.

It’s stunning, that this man and his organisation have been gifted one of the greatest coups in Scottish football history, up there with Rangers signing Paul Gascoigne, and done the square root of eff all with it.

He’s paid £500,000 a year and has managed to look a gift horse in the mouth.

We find it bewildering he remains employed by the SPFL board despite his rank incompetence of being given this wonderful tool and literally ignoring it.


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  1. I agree completely. Without bringing in major sponsorship what has Doncaster brought to the position? What skills is he applying to the job daily? It takes very little effort to set up league fixtures, organise cup competitions, international breaks or deal with disciplinary issues. In fact he probably has people in place to do all these things. There are guys in Amateur football that do all these things by meeting every few weeks and do it for nothing. So what exactly is Doncaster doing? What does the SPFL think Doncaster does that justifies a salary of £500,000? It’s basic administration with some limited decision making along the way.

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