Here’s how you can watch Rangers with a VPN cheaper

Here’s how you can watch Rangers with a VPN cheaper
Watch your champions for way less.

We all know that one of the most annoying things about watching football is trying to find out where the match is being played, on TV and online. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll already be subscribed to whatever service you need. If you’re unlucky… Well, we’ve got a solution for you.  

You’re probably fed up with prices creeping higher as much as we are. With every new sports channel and streaming service wanting a piece of the SPL pie, watching a game online is only going to get pricier.

Fortunately, your saviour has arrived in the form of a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

If you’ve caught any Rangers games since February, you’ll have heard of VPNs. NordVPN, the world’s largest VPN provider, is an official Rangers sponsor.

Here’s how a VPN can be your best mate when it comes to dodging extortionate subscription pricing. First, we’ll give you a brief rundown of what it is and how it works.

A VPN hides your real location, so nobody can tell where you’re actually based. For example, if a lad in Glasgow connects to a VPN server in New York, it will look as if he’s in North America! 

On top of that, no one can spy on what you’re doing while you’re connected to a VPN server — not even your internet provider. NordVPN uses impenetrable encryption to make sure your internet use stays private.

So you’ve installed a VPN. Now what? You connect to any server in the USA and hop onto one of America’s many sports streaming sites. You can do this because the sports site has been duped into thinking you’re on US soil. 

Once you’re on an American website, you’ll be able to pick from some of the cheapest football packages available. The best we’ve managed to find so far is ESPN+. Their $5.99 subscription blows every UK deal out the water. That’s all international football for just £4.36 a month. 

It’s honestly that easy. For anyone who’s been skimming the last few paragraphs, here’s the important stuff:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN.
  2. Install the VPN.
  3. Connect to an American server.
  4. Find a good subscription plan on any American sports streaming service.

We’d recommend NordVPN because of their stellar reputation and great service. One subscription with them will let you run the app on up to 6 devices. You can watch any match, on any device, with the help of NordVPN.

If you sign-up for a 2-year plan now, it’ll only cost you £2.74 a month. So even with the combined prices of the NordVPN subscription and the ESPN+ subscription, it’s still cheaper than a tonne of terrestrial options.

You do the maths, lads.  

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