G-Mac ‘likes change’ – stance on Euro League may surprise

G-Mac ‘likes change’ – stance on Euro League may surprise
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kirk O Rourke/Rangers FC/Shutterstock 11842058a Rangers Assistant Manager Gary McAllister talks to the media ahead of Sunday s Scottish Cup match against Cove Rangers. Rangers Football Club press conference, PK, Pressekonferenz and Training, The Rangers Training Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK - 02 Apr 2021 Rangers Football Club Press Conference and Training, The Rangers Training Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK - 02 Apr 2021 PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTXHUNxGRExMLTxCYPxROMxBULxUAExKSAxONLY Copyright: xKirkxO Rourke/RangersxFC/Shutterstockx 11842058a

In a surprise development, Rangers assistant manager Gary McAllister has become the first public figure to give the new European Super League a slight touch of support, in concert with Ibrox Noise’s more pragmatic line about the imminent competition.

After the initial ‘sellout’ and raging angry responses from the majority, there is starting to be a touch of understanding from small pockets about why this is happening and why it isn’t a bad thing entirely.

And G-Mac’s comments are the first time we’ve seen a public football figure, not involved with these proposals, give a small nod of support to them. Slightly.

He said:

“We are proud to be champions of Scotland and we want to go and perform in Europe. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to football. There should always be a connection from the top to the manager, players and most importantly the fans. I do like change if it is progressive and works. It is a game played by elite athletes but it belongs to the fans. As much as this has been touted around for a long time, I think if it did happen these glamour ties would happen too often and the glamour and the pizzazz would disappear quite quickly. I’m just not a fan of it. It’s been touted for quite a few years now and it’s now got to the most serious point ever. But I’ve just never thought it would work. Repeating these games would take away the whole prestige of the game.”

As things stand, the football world is raging at these proposals, because of course the world generally hates change, but McAllister’s comments both gently support and slightly condemn the idea, while also managing to contradict himself.

He said he supports progressive change, but he’s a traditionalist, and that he’s not a fan of this idea but is of change.

The world is absolutely reeling right now, but according to an online poll, it’s not universal, with a good 15% supporting the new proposals. A minority yes, but not a landslide of condemnation.

We are getting a lot of pelters for our stance on this, and so be it.

We just aren’t as against it as some are.

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  1. The reason I’m against it is simple. What really do these supposed Super Clubs have over a club like ourselves? Spurs? I mean come on? Just because they have more money (because of the league they play in already) and want even more doesn’t make it a good idea. I’m also not saying FIFA and Uefa are good by the way, but some form of compromise or move closer to sporting integrity is surely a better way to move the game forward.

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