Euro shocker could lead to stunning Rangers development

Euro shocker could lead to stunning Rangers development
Could he want us soon...?

On the subject of this European Super League, which of course may or may not happen, while Rangers fans have reacted in disgust to the developments, there is a silver lining should the new competition materialise.

Rangers, of course, are unlikely to be invited, albeit we’re open to being corrected, but if this thing goes ahead and teams actually leave the PL to take part in a new Super League, there’s one very obvious outcome – Rangers (and Celtic) will almost certainly be invited south to the PL.

Admittedly one lacking Liverpool and a few of its other top sides, potentially, but still filled with enough great teams that Rangers would finally realise our club’s full potential and grow at the rate we’re capable, not the stunted existence of the SPL.

We know, we know, you’re reading this and thinking ‘pipe dream, will never happen’ – well they said that about even announcing a Euro Super League so clearly implausible things are still capable of happening.

Indeed, Rangers would now be thoroughly lucrative for the PL, a massive name like us (and Celtic) to replace a major PL heavy hitter or two who may have left.

What we’re saying is this announcement could be the first in a massive snowball effect that changes the very face of football forever.

It may not, of course, but no one suspected Bosman when he went to court in the 90s, or in the movie industry Crispin Glover when he did the same – these two seemingly small acts changed everything forever in those respective fields, and are totally forgotten now.

Just ignore the complacency and pay attention – this stuff could happen. And it’s not impossible Rangers could be in the PL in the future.

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  1. What utter nonsense. There is a difference between money having a huge influence on competition and there being no competition at all. There’s no limelight to be had by smaller clubs if all the floodlights are pointed in the other direction. This has crossed the line, this is an assault of the core of the sports integrity. I’ve supported Rangers since the day I was born and would be sickened to the core if they acted in such a way.

  2. My understanding is that these greedy clubs still hope to play in their national leagues though I suspect they would have to play weakened teams. I suspect that won’t be allowed to happen and I’d happily see them kicked out. Even so there would still be a long way to go before you see us play in the EPL.

  3. Where does that leave the other Scottish teams in the shit made by the poor stole by the loaded not fair on smaller clubs

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